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Mental is committed to holding space for a more conscious community through mindful movement, meditation, and conversation.

“We founded Mental as a way to come together as a community to recognize mental health as a critical part of your overall health. We found as busy New Yorkers that mental health was something that often gets overlooked as part of ones self-care. Through this realization we also noticed that the conversation around mental health continues to be stigmatized. Mindful fitness is something that has consistently been part of our self -care routine but it often lacked the conversational aspect that we craved in a community that was open to pushing the envelope about mental health topics and taboos. Our hope is that by creating a platform for moving, meditating, and conversing, that we can hold space for a community that is open to being conscious about their mental health and wellness as part of their everyday routine.”

- Sarah O’Shea & Brendan Murphy